A quick test

For your well-being

Taking your GEK Lab Food Inflammation Test is easy. You can go to the nearest center and ask for your test, beginning your path toward food tolerance.


The test

GEK Lab Food Inflammation Test is a quick finger test: you will fill a swab; it will be sent to our laboratory where  it will be analyzed by experienced scientist and MDs. The lab will analyze levels of BAFF and PAF (inflammatory cytokines) and IgGs( antibodies that reflect exposure to specific food antigens, signaling contact with the foods that we eat every day).


Our laboratory uses a specific allergologic plate, studied and developed for our program and tailored for the food habits of the reference population.
The values emerging from the analysis will be studied and analyzed according to a statistical evaluation of the average population, not flattened into standard values (the latter being the typical approach in the market).

Food specific antibodies is expression of a former immunological contact: signaling a reaction that needs to be interpreted and guided in order to regain tolerance.

In the BMT Food Inflammation Test  result you will have food levels of food inflammation (with BAFF and PAF) as well as the Great food Clusters to which the analysis have given reaction.

The patient will receive a full medical report: the laboratory analysis are interpreted by the MDs of our scientific centre.

Nutritional Suggestions

According to the results, in the report there are also clear and easy-to-use nutritional suggestions that allow everybody to immediately begin their rotation diet and the path towards food tolerance, avoiding dangerous elimination diets, suggesting instead the recovery of a healthy relationship with food.

From Test to Solution:
An easy finger-test that you can do by yourself or with the help of your pharmacist.
The pharmacyst sends the sample to the laboratory. Laboratory results are sent to the medical center for data interpretation.
The Medical result is sent digitally to the pharmacy, ready to be delivered to the patient and discussed.