Measuring Inflammation

For fighting conditions

The measurement of food-related inflammation (thanks to BAFF and PAF) and Personal Food Profile (thansk to IgG) with GEK Lab Food Inflammation Test is a powerful tool for the Practitioner that wants to successfully tackle conditions and diseases, also chronic ones.

Creating Knowlege in Patients

The cooperation between pratcitioners and pharmacists can be really important in gaining trust and credibility with patiens.

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Materiali e schede alimentari

The patient will receive a medical result that, in addition to the levels of BAFF and PAF and the reactivity to the IgG, gives them a number of tools and informative materials aimed at managing in the best way the path of re-gaining of well-being and food tolerance:

  • Descriptions of the Great Food Groups
  • Rotation Diet
  • Lists of foods that you can always eat and to avoid according to one’s laboratory results
  • Food Supplements
  • Letter for your trusted practitioner, with full scientific bacground and bibliography,  in order to support the physician in helping the patient in his/her path thowards well-being.