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Our staff is composed by MD’s, nutritionist and scientist with a great deal of experience in studying the relationship between conditions, inflammation and nutrition. A team of professionals able to manage these kind of conditions with high level of quality in assistance and service.

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Attilio Francesco Speciani, MD

Clinical Immunologist and Allergy Specialist , Professor at the University of Bologna and Milan, journalist, writer and blogger; point of reference when dealing with the effects of food and nutrition on uman health

MD with more than 35 years of experience and clinical activity, he operates in Milan and London (registered at the General Medical Council of London), Clinical Immunologist and Allergy Specialist, Scientific director of SMA srl and GEK srl, two poli-specialistic centers in Milan, he wrote more than 30 books. As a journalist, he is the director of Eurosalus, reference website when it comes to health and well-being.

He is dedicated to scientific and clinical research regarding food inflammation, food tolerance and immunological inflammation.


GEK’s focus is inflammation with a comprehensive and systemic approach ranging from research to measurement, control and clinical applications.

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